Crowd Funding WordPress Development

Some of you who have been following me for a while (I know who you stalkers are! The police are on their way!) may remember me bringing up the idea of a crowd funding platform for development projects. I never did specify WordPress development, but I’m certainly not opposed to it given that the majority of the work I do is in one way or another based on the awesome WordPress platform.

After a year and change of not going anywhere with what would otherwise be a great idea, Pippin Williamson commented to me a few days ago regarding the possibility of launching precisely what I’d been considering for ages! Needless to say, it absolutely made my day! Not only is the idea being realized, but it’s being developed by a well-known and respected member of the WordPress development community! To quote Pippin on the ideals behind this project…

This will not only be for themes and plugins; it will be for all WordPress projects, whether they be contributing to WordPress core, writing WordPress documentation for the codex or handbooks, writing new plugins, etc.

For example, fund Developer Y to take a week off from his full time job and contribute to WordPress core. Or, fund Developer J to devote 20 hours out of her normal work week to improving the WordPress codex. Another example would be to fund Business X to produce an in-depth WordPress development course on a specific topic, perhaps advanced plugin development.

The entire idea is to better improve the entire WordPress ecosystem, whether that be WordPress core, plugins/themes on, the WordPress codex, tutorials hosted on individual’s sites, WordPress events, etc.

I’m not going to beat a dead horse, the merits of this project have already been brought up more than once by better writers who have a much wider reach than I do (see the article on WP Daily, for one). However, I thought that my little community needed to know about what I think has the potential to be the coolest project of the year. Want to know more? Read Pippin’s official announcement at the attribution link below!


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