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Some might recall a few months ago when I posted the original Multisite Sort code. While this may be sufficient for most use cases, I find myself still having issues with some of my networks. As such, I threw out the old code and started from scratch… rather than simply sorting the menu, now I am rebuilding it from the ground up… my way.

Unlike its predecessor, Multisite Sort Plus is a much more complex plugin which, while it can be dropped into a function file, many users will likely prefer to keep as a standalone plugin. Of course, it also does a lot more than its predecessor.

The Problem

The “My Sites” menu is great… it provides a simple menu with links to each site on a given network and their associated Dashboard. The Multisite Sort plugin makes it even better by sorting the menu alphabetically. Unfortunately, the menu isn’t terribly scalable. Add enough sites, and the menu quickly becomes unmanageable.

The Solution

Multisite Sort PlusMultisite Sort Plus adds a number of really useful functionality… in my opinion. Unlike the traditional menu, MSP now breaks the menu down alphabetically, providing a multi-tiered menu. Additionally, each site menu now includes links to all of the most-used pages: the Dashboard, New Post page, Comments, and the Users, Themes and Plugins pages… not to mention the frontend of the site.

Yes, this may seem a little overboard, but several of my networks contain dozens of sites which makes the traditional menu bulky and all but unusable. This plugin makes the process much cleaner and gives a greater level of control over what I can access on a given site at a glance!

Feel free to take a look at how the plugin works, or scroll to the bottom of the page to download an installable zip file!

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